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How to pass your APLH exam

How to pass your APLH exam first time ( part 1)

Hello and welcome to our hits and tips page on passing the APLH exam for the Award for Personal Licence Holders. (How to pass your APLH exam)

You will need to know the following;

The Licensing Objectives

There are normally lots of questions in the APLH exam based on the four licensing objectives, these are as follows;
  1. prevention of crime and disorder;
  2. promotion of public safety;
  3. prevention of public nuisance; and
  4. protection of children from harm.

Remember the keywords



Remembering this simple keyword list will help you remember the licensing objectives

Licensing Activities

You may get questions on the licensable activities a premises licence or club premises certificate can apply for. It is important to remember that to sell alcohol from a premises you must have either a premises licence or club premises certificate.

There are four licensable activities
  1. Sale of alcohol by retail
  2. Supply of alcohol in a members club
  3. Regulated entertainment
  4. Late night refreshment

Remember the keywords


Sale of alcohol by retail

The sale by retail of alcohol and the supply of alcohol by or on behalf of a club are both licensable activities. We mention sale and supply, Sales to the general public are sales by retail. Supply of alcohol is normally to a club member or guest.

Regulated entertainment

Regulated entertainment is broadly defined as any entertainment that takes place in the presence of an audience (whether members of the public or a club), or otherwise for profit, and the premises have the purpose of providing the entertaining concerned. It may include: 

  • a performance of a play
  • an exhibition of a film
  • an indoor sporting event
  • a boxing or wrestling entertainment
  • a performance of live music
  • playing of recorded music
  • a performance of dance
Impromptu games such as, darts or pool in a pub are not classed as regulated entertainment. 

Late night refreshment

Late night refreshment is the sale of hot food or drink to the public to consume off or on the premises) between 11pm and 5am.

More exam hits and tips next week 

Published 04/01/2013

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