Tuesday, 16 August 2011

APLH mock exam

Ok we have been asked for news on our online APLH mock exam! the good news is it is under development as we speak. we will post a copy online nex week, however try the NCPLH on line mock exam as the question bank is simular! And also a great tool for gaining knowledge on the current licensing laws for England and Wales.

Online Mock Exam

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  1. Is this a preparatory exam? Or it is already an NCPLH online licensing course?

  2. John Carlos thank you for your comments! These are mock exams only but are a good way to test your knowledge on APLH NCPLH and Scottish SCPLH courses. There are no licensing examination's that can be taken at home as all exams have to be invigilated. You can take the exam online but it has to be at an invigilated centre or if you have business premises then sometimes an invigilator can come to you. For more details please call head office at PLT
    By personal Licence Training Ltd on APLH mock exam at 14:09

  3. We are also in the process of developing around 20 E-learning programmes including responsible alcohol retailing these should be online shortly

  4. Mock exams are like preparatory one - but as far as I know the ones that are used are not the actual questions being used in the real exam because thta is

    ncplh course

  5. We do hold courses in North Wales at Bangor you can book online at www.personallicence.com


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