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Premises Licence Application, getting the right advice

Premises licence application, getting the right advice?

We specalise in new alcohol licence applications
When submitting a premises licence application, getting the right advice is essential. A badly prepared application can cost you time and money! During 2012 we have seen several applications that have been submitted by clients that have not taken in to consideration the following;
  • cumulative impact zones 
  • alcohol restriction zones
  • promoting the licensing objectives
  • non-communication with police and other responsible authorities 
  • importance of CCTV and the DCMS guidelines
  • lack of age restriction policies
  • lack of the importance of professional staff training
  • staff training records
  • consideration of local residents
  • incorrect advertising
  • poorly prepared licensing schedules
  • incorrect licensing plans
An unprepared premises licence application could lead to the application being rejected by the licensing authority or the application being subject to a hearing. The costs involved in a rejected application could  be as high as £400 - £600 or in some areas even more. An application that is subject to a hearing could cost considerably more, as solicitors  charge an average of £160 per hour to prepare for a hearing and will charge additional fees to attend a licensing hearing.

Get professional advice from our licensing experts

PLT head office and training centre
If you are considering a new premises licence application, getting the right advice is very important. Last year in 2012 we secured over  400 new premises licence applications for all types of licensed premises from simple off licences and convenience stores to night clubs.  Our success rate was 98% upon first application.

We have a nationwide network of licensing professionals on hand to help with every aspect of your premise licence application. For a free no obligation quote please call our licensing team at Personal Licence Training Limited.

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