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DPS Training Course

DPS Training Course

Becoming a DPS of licensed premises, what does it mean and how to become the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS). To be a DPS of a licensed premises you must hold a personal licence. A personal licence will allow the holder to sell alcohol by retail, authorise others to sell alcohol under a premises licence and become the responsible person named on a premises licence "The DPS (Designated Premises Supervisor). 

Under the licensing Act 2003 the Designated Premises Supervisor has replaced the traditional Licensee. A premises can not sell alcohol legally without a Designated Premises Supervisor named on the licence.

Duties of the DPS

The Designated Premises Supervisor is the person in charge of the day to day running of licensed premises and must give their written consent to be named on the premises licence. A Designated Premises Supervisor's duties should include the following;
  • Be the main point of contact to the licensing authority and the police
  • Supervise the legal operation of the licensed premises
  • Ensure all licensable activities are carried out lawfully
  • Make and authorise sales of alcohol
  • Ensure staff have a basic knowledge and understanding of the licensing Act
  • Promotion of the licensing objectives
  • Conduct risk assessments on preventing crime, disorder, violence, anti-social behaviour
A Designated Premises Supervisor should also have full knowledge of the operating schedule as this forms the basis of any premises licence and will include various conditions, including some conditions that are mandatory.

Training needs for the Designated Premises Supervisor

Designated Premises Supervisor must hold a personal licence. This means they will have completed a training course to become a licence holder. this course is known as the Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH) Level 2.

There is additional training available for Designated Premises Supervisor's the National Certificate for Designated Premises Supervisor's is an additional training course that can be undertaken by the DPS. This training is advisable if you are the Designated Premises Supervisor of a large public house, restaurant, hotel, night club, casino or supermarket.

The Designated Premises Supervisor qualification will give you a sound knowledge of running licensed premises in compliance with all legislation including health and safety food hygiene employment issues and the licensing laws plus others details  to ensure you run your premises without falling foul of the law keeping your licence intact without hindrance from authorities who are looking out for Designated Premises Supervisor's who are not competent or those that choose to ignore the law.

For more information on Designated Premises Supervisor training courses please contact our head office at Personal Licence Training Limited. Tel: 01527 544780

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