Thursday, 10 January 2013

Personal Licence Book Online

Personal Licence Book Online

Many thanks to all our clients that booked their personal licence course online over the festive season and new year. Personal licence online bookings have gone nuts as more and more people tend to shop online. Our Managing Director would like to say a special thank you and Happy New Year to all of you that booked your course online with our company;

So a big thanks to
  • John Rees
  • James Mckenzie
  • Kandiah Paraparan
  • Arty Crafts UK
  • David Watson
  • David Jones
  • Vijay Makrubiya
  • Oliver Roscoe
  • Natasha Stokes
  • Jonathan Smith
  • Pippa Goode
  • Jeremy Luke Watson
  • Sheila Gibson
  • Glenn Hailes
  • Gemma Watson
  • Godek Nowakowski
  • Diura Ltd
  • Gifts From Scotland Ltd
  • Mamta Patel
  • Craig Ridley
  • Rebecca Holmes
  • Jinni Nirappel Varkey
  • Harinder Sekhon
  • Ponniah Mahenthirarajah
  • Desislava Pavlova
  • Kevin Byrne
  • Kerry McInnes
  • Dorota Kasprzak
  • Andrew Machin
  • Akhtar Mahmood
  • Lisa Davie
  • Mehmet Mustafa
  • Andrew Mugleston
  • Rosanna la Vecchia
  • Amy Batchlor
  • Ashique Miah
  • Janice Fraser
  • Patricia Leonard
  • Michael Basquill
  • Hemang Shah
  • Mahesh Patel
  • G F Bacciochi
  • Hema Jain
  • Sebastian King
  • Daniel Kwiek
  • Sukur Miah
  • Jamie Baker

Book your personal licence course online

Booking your course for the award for personal licence holders in simple and easy, simply select your licensing law course
  1. APLH level 2 for England and Wales
  2. SCPLH level 5 for Scotland
Then choose either;
  1. Full Personal Licence, or
  2. Certificate only
Note; If you choose the full personal licence option then we will process your personal licence on your behalf. This means we will undertake your (CRB) criminal records bureau check, endorse your photographs, complete your licence application forms and submit them to the relevant licensing authority or licensing board (Scotland). Once granted your personal licence to sell alcohol will be valid for ten years.

Book online  

Simply enter your post code to find the nearest personal licence training venue to you, then select a date and follow the instructions.....

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