Friday, 28 March 2014

New APLH Mock Exam Paper

Get your hands on our new 2014 APLH mock exam paper

Current UK licensing law states that anyone authorising the retail sale of alcohol must hold a personal licence. To gain this licence, an individual is required to undertake training on the
Licensing Act 2003 and obtain an APLH Level 2 qualification. 

Pass your APLH EXAM with us!
If you're currently looking to undertake training for the APLH level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders, then our latest mock exam paper is an excellent addition to your course material. 

We have compiled a new mock examination paper for 2014 to replace our old APLH mock exam paper which gained over 100,000 hits on the internet over the past few years.

This new mock exam paper is ideal for prospective licence holders in England and Wales and has been developed to mirror the APLH final exam in both content and format. 

You can download a FREE copy of this 50 question mock exam paper, which we believe is an excellent learning tool to help prepare candidates for the final APLH exam. 
Note: The current APLH Examination consists of only 40 questions.
 2014 APLH mock exam paper

We believe in making your whole learning process as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Therefore we only use quality hotels or professional learning centres for our APLH licensing law courses. 

You can book online at or simply call us on: 01242 222188.


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