Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Gloucester pubs pass underage drinkers test!

Underage drinkers are out of luck in Gloucester as 19 pubs, clubs and off licence premises successfully passed an underage test purchase campaign. The police launched operation "Nite-X it involved 3 teams of Special Constables tackling underage drinking, binge drinking and other alcohol related disorder. Sergeant Liz Lovell of Gloucester Constabulary said,"there were some good results especially the fact that none of the premises tested served underage drinkers. This is the first time since the operation has been running that there has been a 100% pass rate".

A spokesperson for Personal Licence Training said, " We  intend to back Gloucester Police and Trading Standards and will assist in introducing a Challenge 25 policy to all Gloucester Pubs. We have rolled the Challenge 25 policy out to all publicans in Worcestershire and Warwickshire distributing well over 8,000 Challenge 25 posters and intend to do the same in Gloucestershire. As a company we specialise in providing Responsible Alcohol Retailing courses and also provide training courses for the Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH) Level 2. Well trained staff can ensure publicans and retailers avoid large fines or possible loss of licence for unauthorised sales.

The Company offer licence training courses in both Cheltenham and Redditch on a regular basis for dates and course locations check out our website

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