Monday, 9 September 2013

SCPLH/R Scottish Personal Licence

Scottish Personal Licence Holders Refresher Course


Scottish personal licence holders are required under Scottish licensing law to refresh training for their personal licence every five years. This is a legal requirement under the licensing(Scotland) Act 2005.

This means if you hold a Scottish personal licence then you will need to undertake a half day training course regarding any up-dates in Scottish licensing law.

The training must be completed within five years from the grant of your original licence being issued.

Failure to comply may lead to the revokation of your licence and loss of your right to sell or supply alcohol by retail.

How to book

You can call us to book a course or simply book online using our Scottish website;


As always we aim to give you the cheapest price in Scotland. Our SCPLH/R personal licence holders refresher training course is competitively priced at only £75.00 + VAT

Training and course contents

This is a half day training course. We are currently holding two courses in Glasgow and Edinburgh. One course will run from 08.00 - 01.30 hours and the afternoon training session will run from 02.00 - 18.30 hours. The SCPLH/R licensing refresher course is accredited by BIIAB.

Please call or check our website for dates.

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