Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Pub Licence Course in Birmingham

Need a Pub Licence?

Looking for a pub licence course in Birmingham or the West Midlands? To run a pub or take over as the landlord you are now required to hold a personal licence.  A personal licence will allow you to sell or authorise other individuals to sell alcohol under the premises licence.

A personal alcohol licence will allow you to be named on the premises licence as the licensee, this individual is known as the (Designated Premises Supervisor or DPS)!

Most pub companies will expect a new applicant to hold a personal licence or be looking to obtain one prior to applying for a pub of their own. We are the leading supplier of personal licence training courses in Birmingham and the West Midlands and hold regular training courses for the Award for Personal Licence Holders licensing qualification.

Over the past five years we have provided pub licence training courses for hundreds of new pub landlords and existing pub licensee's returning to the trade. The old National Licensee Certificate's or Regional Licensee Certificate's are no longer valid. As from 1st August 2005 both of these licensing qualifications became invalid and where replaced by the Award for Personal Licence Holders.

For information on our next courses dates please contact head office.

Tel: 01242 222 188

Web: www.personallicencetraining.co.uk


  1. Hi wondering if u can help me I've got my personal licence card but lost the certificate I did the course in Willenhall and was wondering how I go about getting another on thanks

  2. If you have lost your personal licence you will need to contact the licensing authority at the local council that granted the licence. You may be asked to report the licence lost or stolen to the local Police. Cost of a replacement licence is around £10.00


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