Monday, 21 January 2013

Bar work in Scotland what do I need?

Do I need a licence to work behind the bar in Scotland?

The simple answer is no! However you do require training, there are several forms of training available for Scottish bar staff. These are as follows;
  • Attend an instructor led training course
  • Receive on-site training with a holder of a Scottish Personal Licence
  • Study form home with an e-learning course 
Under the Licensing Act (Scotland) 2005, all staff working in licensed premises in Scotland must undertake a minimum of two hours of training, covering 16 prescribed training units.
The Scottish Certificate for Licensed Premises Staff (SCLPS) e-learning course is a fully interactive training programme, covering the 16 training units. On achieving this award and receiving your SCLPS certificate, you are ready to start work immediately in licensed premises anywhere in Scotland.

Try our e-learning demo

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  1. The cost of the e-learning SCLPS course is the best option at only £12.00. We have sold hundreds of these online courses. The course includes an online test, covers all 16 mandatory units, certificate of training and record of training.


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