Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Challenge 25 for Scotand

On the first of October 2011 a challenge policy was introduced in to the Scottish Licensing Act (2005)
It became law for all retail premises selling alcohol and age restricted products to operate a " Challenge 25 policy". The Act provides no guidance as to the wording of any Policy but the licence holder must have a Policy in place.

So what is Challenge 25? let us explain in simple terms!
Anyone who appears under the age of 25 should be challenged to prove their age when attempting to purchase alcohol or any other age restricted products
In verifying age, it is reasonable to presume that only the following documents will be satisfactory to comply with the verification policy:-
Passport; or
European Photocard Driving Licence; or
Proof of age card bearing a ‘PASS’ hologram.
We at alcohol would advise on the following forms of identification.
  • UK Driving Licence
  • UK Provisional Driving Licence
  • Valid Passport
  • Pass Hologram Identity Card (Young Scott Card) etc
If the above documentation is not produced on request then the Policy cannot be complied with and the sale of alcohol should be refused.
The Policy must be in place on or before Saturday 1 October 2011. A failure to comply with this mandatory condition will be a criminal offence in terms of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 which could result in a fine and/or imprisonment. It could also result in a review of the Premises Licence resulting in suspension or revocation of the Licence.
So to help we have been asked to design a Challenge 25 Poster for Scotland so here it is and you can download it free of charge!
What wonderful people we are! You can also order some poster's by calling 01527 544 780

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