Tuesday, 30 August 2011

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Hey just in case you are looking to sit the NCPLH exam this licensing qualification is no longer valid!

The licensing qualification has been renamed to the Award for personal licence holders or APLH Level 2.
This licensing qualification is awarded by several awarding bodies, these include EDI, NCFE, HFAB, BIIAB. All of these licensing qualifcations are exceptable to all licensing authorities in England & Wales and all certificates serve the same purpose which is proof that you have undertaken training on the new licensing Act 2003. The new APLH licensing certificate came in to force in April 2010 and replaces the old NCPLH qualification.

The good news is we can offer this APLH licensing qualification in over 120 locations nationwide. We run regular alcohol licence training courses from Newcastle to Portsmouth and from Swansea to Norwich.

To find your nearest training centre simply call Personal Licence Training Limited on:
Tel: 01527 544 780
or use our new online course locator (Click Here)

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